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Because innovation, quality and reliability are the key to our success, and customer satisfaction drives us!

Reviso company was founded in 1998 as a family business and was then the first private manufacturer of wet wipes. Throughout the past, it has been involved in diaper production and the development of her own machines. Since 2004, the company has been dealing exclusively with wet wipes, and since 2021 it has employed 35 people of various professions in a modern plant near Sisak. There is also a distribution center and a well-equipped laboratory for development and quality control. We think long-term in our business, so we have high quality and environmental standards, and we procure raw materials for production from reliable local and foreign producers.

Today we produce a variety of wet labels of private labels (Private label) for a large number of customers. We are market leaders in this business segment, because we can offer the necessary certificates, quality control and external audit in accordance with domestic and EU regulations, but we also produce our own brands and new products, because we constantly have new ideas. Since we are the only manufacturer of wet wipes in Croatia, we distribute our brands in Croatia and they can be found in most retail chains and drugstores.

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